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Houses for Rent in Bangkok, Thailand

Houses for rent in Bangkok, Thailand, are generally the same as houses in other parts of the world, in that you can find a very wide variety of home style, construction, features, and environments. Of course, the vast majority are Thai style, but there is no shortage of expat style and quality houses for rent in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand. The expat population here is very high, and supply has met demand well. Indeed, high class Thais prefer expat style houses.

houses for rent in Bangkok, ThailandWe have more than a thousand houses available for viewing online by just clicking on the "RENTERS SEARCH" button at the top of this page and then clicking on house, and optionally choosing regions, budget, and number of bedrooms.

Most of the new and modern houses for rent are in the Bangkok suburbs, located in gated communities, which are neighborhoods built by one developer, typically cookie cutter houses, with a few different styles mass produced, more or less. They vary widely in size of house and yard, style of house, and furnishings.

The city center has many new and modern houses, but the vast majority of houses for rent in the central business district are about 20 to 40 years old, percentage wise, though there are very large numbers of both new and old houses. The value of land is very high in the city center, and indeed, very nice houses are constantly being torn down and replaced with commercial properties.

Most houses for rent in the city center, such as down the sois along Sukhumvit Road as well as Sathorn and the Ari area, are standalone houses of a unique design with a wall around each of them. They are very much unlike suburban neighborhoods.

However, there are many small compounds in the city center (albeit the minority of houses, nonetheless many!), having several standalone houses to around a dozen townhouses each, having some shared space such as swimming pool and fitness, with a wall around the compound and security guards for the entire compound. The newer the compound, the smaller the yards and more closely spaced together the houses, generally.

Suburban neighborhoods tend to be large, spacious, and quiet, with a clubhouse having shared pool, fitness, and other amenities. Kids can ride around on bicycles, unlike in most city center housing areas. However, there is a commute into the city, of course.

Most of the international schools in Bangkok are located in the suburbs. For many families, this dictates the location to search for a house to rent.

Our sister site, ThailandGuru.com, discusses the different regions of Bangkok houses for rent for expats.

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