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  1. Our properties require a lease of 1 year (or longer). We're sorry but we do not deal with short term rentals at all (except for temporary housing for long term renters just arriving to move).
  2. We usually do not handle rentals of less than 15,000 baht/month, sorry.

Regarding telephone number, we normally do not make sales calls to people because we do not want to interrupt you, but keep your phone number on record in case we need to ring or SMS you in the future. If you prefer to be called, or if it is OK to be phoned, please state this in your message. You may say "anytime" or specify hours / time zone / days, or make clear if you prefer only SMS and/or email.

Your email address is kept confidential and is never sold nor given out (except with specific landlords for properties you take interest in, or otherwise related to helping you on specific matters).

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