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You can send us your properties by either of two options:

  1. Sending email to

    or else

  2. Filling out our New Property Questionaire form below and uploading your properties on our website using the links below.

An advantage of option #2 above: By using our form below, we present a standard New Property Questionaire and checklist which you can fill out so that we don't miss any features of your property or its facilities. This form is useful even if you send your photos separately by email, or by CD or DVD by post. If sending by email, please use a descriptive subject line like Property For Rent so it doesn't look like spam/junk mail.

  • click here: New Property Questionaire form

  • For an existing Property ID:

  • Add photos to your property

  • For anything else, just send email to or fill in our Contact Form (and mention any existing Property ID Number).

    Thank you for your interest in listing your properties on our kkBkk.com website. We are a real estate agency so that if we find someone to rent or buy your property, then after the customer pays their deposit plus first month of rent, the landlord or seller pays a commission to our agency. (For co-agents/co-brokers, we split this commission.) Please inquire for further details if you wish.


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