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1 May 2022

Our real estate business focuses on helping foreigners relocating to Thailand. When COVID came in 2020, and especially after the temporary travel ban starting in April 2020, our incoming clientele traffic suddenly and dramatically dropped off. We had no choice but to do a major downsizing.

Many other real estate businesses similar to ours had similar experiences.

Many people who worked in real estate had to find other work, and some of those probably won't return because they have already become established in other kinds of work and/or have gone elsewhere.

Now, travel regulations are being relaxed, and it is expected that client demand will go up significantly, while supply of agencies to serve them well may be questionable.

Thus, now might be a good time to get into this business.

I am Managing Director of this business, and I have been doing real estate for more than 20 years, since the year 2000. I am now age 62. I would consider selling this business if an acceptable offer came up, plus guiding a buyer to help them take over completely in a good way. I think it's important for the seller to not just sell and walk away but to thoroughly train and assist the buyer in taking over and running the business, unless the buyer wants otherwise.

Alternatively, I would consider a dynamic business partner(s) to work with synergistically in developing this operation further, if you're willing to take over, whereby my Thai wife and I could continue with the Thai government accounting requirements and some other routine management matters until you choose to take over those as well, though at age 62 I am not looking into being nearly as active as before in day-to-day client, landlord, and internet operations, though I could continue to advise. At some time, I would still want to let go completely.

If you're not interested but know somebody who might be, please refer them to here.

We have a large database of properties and landlords, standard operating procedures, various marketing methods which I wouldn't discuss publicly, and a "back office" database for managing clients which is specialized to real estate with many custom tracking features (such as candidate properties for each client, scheduling, shown properties with notes, and tracking of stages through closing and follow ups). I also have ideas on how to improve the business, being the practical ideas person I am and my attention to details, though these would be suggestions. I would be happily willing to stay engaged for awhile to help a good buyer.

This real estate business has been very enjoyable for me over the years. I love exploring Bangkok, and its variety of luxury homes, buildings, neighborhoods, and surroundings. I enjoy meeting new kinds of incoming working expats (who are a special kind of incoming foreigners), learning things, meeting high level landlords in Thai society, and networking with people. It's nice to have something to offer people which is interesting to them. It also creates some status within the local expat and Thai communities, as well as with overseas investors.

The commissions are also good!

I'm also a longtime I.T. person, though that has waned as I got more involved in management and the people side of things, which I have come to enjoy, "getting out there", and out of my I.T. cave. Nevertheless, I could help a buyer with the I.T. part of the business, too.

A buyer could take over this kkBkk.com brand, or else rebrand everything to something else. I chose kkBkk because it is easy to remember, short to type, and unlikely to get confused with others. Many of our clients have been repeat visitors to our website by just typing in kkBkk, and many others have been referrals from somebody else to our website whereby our name is easy to remember correctly.

I also own some other domains / brands which a buyer could take as an alternative to kkBkk. I chose to stick with kkBkk but I had also considered BKKhomes and BKKhome which I kept. A "home" comprises any kind of residential dwelling.

If you are considering another brand idea, then it may be good for you to discuss it with me, too, as I actually have a considerable amount of experience in this.

A real estate business has agents who do two main kinds of work: surveying for good properties to offer, and showing clients around. Many agents perform both roles, but many others tend to do better at one or the other, most often the latter -- showing clients around trying to close a sale. (Some agents out there try to wing it if they haven't done much ground work in advance in surveying... but I never tolerated this in my company. I gave clients to agents who surveyed well and did their homework.)

I have made sure that we are an agency based on good surveying work. We have invested a lot into surveying, as you can see in our stock online and much, much more in our backoffice. Of course, the backoffice is not online, and you would need to see it in person. Our surveyed stock, well organized in our back office for quick and easy searching (including GPS mapping), and our reference information, has been critical in closing sales and getting many referrals.

I would like to see what I've created in kkBkk continue to live well into the future, though at age 62, I want to take a big step back. I'm hoping a younger person will come in and take the reins. I'm open to any discussion. You can reach me via go2022 at kkbkk... or via the contact form on our Contact Us page.

You may also want to see my previous plans for a Thai Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

... or return to our home page.


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