House for rent on Bangna
BKK suburban - Bang Na, Sukhumvit 103+, Sri Nakarin, airport

House with 4 Bed & 4 Bath rooms, 423 sq.m., .... [ more info ]
This one has been RENTED but please read this!
130,000 Baht

Usually, when a property became Rented, we removed it from public view in our database.
However, sometimes we leave the property as displayed but with this RENTED notice, for any of several possible reasons:

  • Competing agents have left already-rented properties displayed on their websites appearing as if still available,
    as just fishing hooks for customer inquiries, leading to customers revealing their contact info to salespeople
    in false hope (bait and switch) to get that particular property, which takes customers away from diligent agents who
    take down already-rented properties, so in 2012 we started to leave many properties up but noted as RENTED.

  • A property may be part of a development of many identical houses/condos/apts whereby one represents them all.
    This is very common. We don't load and display all similar units of an apartment building or neighborhood.

  • We may have different but similar properties for which we don't yet have photos uploaded. (See notes below.)

  • There may have been recent inquiries about this property, so we announce it has been taken rather than just let
    the property disappear from our site and then leave people to search for it again in vain

  • Visitors may point to the property for a style they like, for people who want us to make recommendations for them

Our selection of properties of potential interest to you can substantially exceed what is listed on our website.
We usually have many more, similar properties which we don't publicize or don't have photos.

Please understand that it is not feasible for us to present all rentals available at a particular time on our website due to the
need to keep many thousands of records up to date, especially for new properties whereby we must make an appointment
to gain access, go to survey, photograph (if owner allows), and upload all the properties, all within the rental turnover times.
The best properties and values are taken quickly if we display them publicly, and many exclusives are kept confidential.

When we are informed of new units which became available, it's feasible to add only some fraction of those to our website,
but we are usually aware of many others since owners announce those very promptly!!! (Unfortunately, after a property has
been rented, most owners don't go back and update all the agents to inform them it's been rented already.)

Actually, to be fair to all agents, it is very common for customers to choose another property not shown on a website gallery,
whereby real estate agents should understand your needs and guide you to the best place based on their experience.

= approx. 3.442 € | 3,907 $US | 2,941 GBP | 31,477 AUD | 448,276 Yen


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