Customer Feedback

This is for customers who have already used our service, not for inquiries.

If you have used our services, then we would like to know what you think and feel about our work performance and anything else you may want to comment on.

There are two kinds of feedback: Public or Private.

  1. Publicly, you can give us
    Feedback on Google Places .
    Again, this is public, so the world can see this. It not only tells us, but also tells other people in the world, what you think about our service.


  2. Privately, by filling out the form below, or sending us

Please do not send public feedback if we have not actually provided a service to you. For example, we get many inquiries for short term rentals of days, weeks, or a few months, even though we state many times on our website that we do only longtime leases, normally one year. As an analogy, if you own a shop which sells wrist watches, but I come in looking for a clock for my wall, which you don't have, then it would not be right for me to rate you because you don't carry what I am looking for.

We welcome anonymous feedback, too, if you do not want to reveal your identity.

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